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Adkins’ Campaign Bankrolled By Groups Leading Charge To Ban Abortion Nationwide

Adkins tries to downplay support for national abortion ban while lining campaign coffers with money from anti-abortion groups

Following Kansans’ overwhelming vote against letting politicians interfere with their health care decisions, Amanda Adkins has been desperately trying to walk back her own anti-abortion agenda.

But one look at Adkins’ record – and the extreme anti-abortion groups bankrolling her campaign – tells an entirely different story.

As the chair of the Kansas GOP, Adkins’ platform included a “human life amendment,” typically seen as one of the strictest bans on abortion. She “100 percent” backed Kansas’ constitutional amendment that would allow the Republican-controlled state legislature to enact a total ban on abortion with no exceptions. And she recently threw her support behind the Republican Study Committee budget, which includes a federal ban on abortion well before most women know they’re pregnant.

Now, Adkins is touting endorsements and contributions from dozens of extreme groups who have gone all in on national Republicans’ new abortion ban, including:

DCCC Spokesperson Johanna Warshaw
“Amanda Adkins has spent her entire career falling in line with dangerous, anti-abortion radicals like Sam Brownback and Washington MAGA extremists. So it’s no surprise Adkins is filling her campaign coffers with their donations from groups leading the charge on a national abortion ban – just like she’s long pushed for.”


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