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After 87 Years of Social Security, Mike Garcia’s Party Wants to Rip Earned Benefits Away

Yesterday marked 87 years of Social Security. As we approach the November elections, here is a reminder that while Democrats fight to protect people’s earned benefits, Mike Garcia’s Republican party wants to rip them away. Here are at least two on-paper plans set forward by Republicans that seek to sunset Social Security or raise eligibility age:

  • Sen. Rick Scott has pitched and garnered support for his plan that would raise taxes on millions of Americans and sunset away essential programs like Social Security and Medicare within 5 years.

  • The Republican Study Committee – which represents nearly 75% of the House Republican Conference – has a plan that would raise the Social Security eligibility age, delaying when seniors can access their hard-earned benefits. Garcia is a member of the RSC.

Reminder: Mike Garcia refuses to fully support Medicare.

DCCC spokesperson Maddy Mundy:
“Californians work long and hard to access their earned benefits, but that doesn’t seem to mean anything to Republicans like Mike Garcia who are planning to rip Social Security away. Garcia and his Republican party cannot be trusted with people’s hard earned benefits.”


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