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AID FOR ME, BUT NOT FOR THEE: Pat Harrigan Criticizes Pandemic Aid While Personally Collecting It

Republican Pat Harrigan (NC-14) took hundreds of thousands in pandemic relief funds

Today, an investigation from the American Independent revealed Republican candidate Pat Harrigan (NC-14) personally benefited from hundreds of thousands in forgivable loans under the Paycheck Protection Program, despite his vocal criticism of federal aid.

On his campaign website, Harrigan claimed that “the policies of the Biden Administration are wrecking an economy that was roaring in years past. Their runaway spending, out of control inflation, crippling energy prices and high taxes are ruining lives.” What Harrigan didn’t mention: His gun manufacturing company, ZRODelta, benefited from that relief spending, collecting a massive $312,800 PPP loan in April 2020.

DCCC Spokesperson Monica Robinson
“Pat Harrigan wants to deny the American people the same aid he happily took for himself. The GOP’s hypocritical agenda of ‘Aid for me, but not for thee’ is politics at its worst, and North Carolinians deserve better.”


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