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Ain’t no Earth Day Party like a Zeldin Earth Day Party

Celebrates by Taking Cash From Polluters, Letting Taxpayers Pay

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Happy Earth Day to One Term Wonder Congressman Lee Zeldin, who is celebrating by maintaining a truly toxic record on the environment. Since 2008, Zeldin has taken $17,000 in contributions from the owners of a company that made headlines in 2014 for illegally dumping toxic waste in public parks, forcing the Islip Town Board to spend up to $6 million for cleanup.

“As Suffolk families celebrate Earth Day, we want to remind voters that Congressman Zeldin’s record is anything but clean when it comes to protecting the environment  in Suffolk County,” said Matt Thornton of the DCCC. “Congressman Zeldin raked in cash from big polluters who put Suffolk families’ health and safety at risk and let taxpayers pick up the tab for clean-up. Suffolk families deserve better than Congressman Zeldin’s toxic priorities.”


Daytree Of Cortland Square, Owned By Tom Datre, Accused Of Illegally Dumping Asbestos: In May 2014, the Town of Islip formally accused Daytree of Courtland Square and its co-owners, Clara and Tom Datre, of illegally dumping tons of asbestos in public parks. [Newsday, 5/25/14]

50,000 Tons Of Debris Were Dumped In Public Parks And Near Veterans’ Homes: According to Newsday, 50,000 tons of debris were dumped at the popular Roberto Clemente Park and at a subdivision built for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan in Islandia.  [Newsday, 6/14/14]

Islip Town Board Voted To Pay For Asbestos Cleanup: In May 2014, the Islip Town Board unanimously voted to spend up to $6 million in bonds to clean up the thousands of tons of construction debris at “several possible illegal dumping sites” by Datre’s company in Roberto Clemente Park. [Newsday, 5/27/14]

Zeldin Received More Than $15,000 From Datre And His Associates:

Zeldin Received A Combined $7,750 In Campaign Contributions From The Company And Its Owners: Since his 2008 congressional campaign, Zeldin has received a combined $7,750 in contributions from Clara and Tom Datre and their associated companies to his state senate and congressional campaigns. [CQ MoneyLine, accessed 9/13/14; New York State Board of Elections, accessed 9/13/14]

Tom Datre Solicited $8,000 From Members Of The Long Island Builders Institute For Zeldin Fundraiser: In January 2012, Datre, as chair of the Long Island Builders Institute PAC, sent a letter to LIBI members soliciting contributions to Zeldin’s state senate campaign so that he could be a $10,000 “Diamond Sponsor.” The following LIBI members contributed to Zeldin’s state senate campaign in January 2012. [Datre Letter to LIBI Members, 1/3/12]

Donor Date Amount
Gerald Wolkoff (Heartland) 1/3/12 $5,000
Damianos Realty Group 1/10/12 $500
Donald Eversoll (Timber Ridge) 1/11/12 $500
Domus Group LLC 1/12/12 $250
Kelly Development Corp 1/12/12 $250
Rose and Kelly Development LLC 1/12/12 $250
Weber Law Group 1/12/12 $250
Long Island Builders PAC 1/12/12 $1,000
Total $8,000.00

[New York Board of Elections, accessed 9/9/14]

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