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All Eyes on María Elvira Salazar and Florida’s Near-Total Abortion Ban

Florida allows abortion ban before many women even know they’re pregnant

Yesterday’s Florida Supreme Court ruling triggered the state’s extreme near-total abortion ban to soon take effect. This abortion ban will have a devastating impact on Florida women who are now living with one of the most severe and restrictive abortion bans in the country.

Florida was previously a hotspot in the South for abortion access. Florida saw a sharp increase in abortion procedures, likely due to an influx of out-of-state patients who will now have to travel even further for abortion care.

María Elvira Salazar’s deliberate silence on the latest draconian law is shocking given her blatant anti-abortion record. Salazar agreed with the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, which paved the way for Florida’s abortion ban. She also voted to restrict access to abortion medication nationwide. 

Yet Salazar is too scared to specifically talk about DeSantis’ latest ban. Perhaps it’s because she knows that 67% of Floridians support abortion rights and do not want politicians interfering with their personal health care decisions. 

DCCC Spokesperson Lauryn Fanguen:
“Florida women deserve to know where María Elvira Salazar stands on this near-total abortion ban. Salazar can’t avoid her anti-abortion record and despite her best efforts to disappear right now, her silence speaks volumes.”


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