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Allan Fung Puts Gun Lobby Ahead of Public Safety

Fung notably doesn’t mention guns in his statement on Texas shooting that killed innocent children, teachers

Allan Fung waited days to make a statement on the mass shooting in Texas – to defend himself.

Fung’s statement conspicuously avoided mentioning gun violence or calling the Uvalde tragedy what it was – a mass shooting. Instead, he pointed fingers instead of offering solutions.

Why? Because Allan Fung sides with the gun lobby against common-sense measures to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people – like when he opposed a 2018 red flag law.

In his past campaigns, Fung has welcomed the NRA’s support and was a leader in taking money from the gun lobby in Rhode Island.

This is who Allan Fung is.

DCCC Spokesperson James Singer:

“Allan Fung has made his priorities clear. He’ll protect the gun lobby and put his political fortunes ahead of protecting our children and communities from gun violence.”


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