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Amanda Adkins Still Refuses to Accept Results of 2020 Election

Extremist Adkins remains silent on election results, highlighting her allegiance to MAGA Republicans over Kansas

It’s been nearly two years since President Joe Biden was elected to the White House, but that hasn’t stopped KS-03 candidate Amanda Adkins from continuing to deny that reality.

The Kansas City Star reported yesterday that Adkins is digging her heels into the ‘Big Lie’ conspiracy that fueled the deadly attack on our nation’s Capitol – killing 5 people, injuring 140 law enforcement officers, and sowing extreme distrust in our nation’s elections:

“Amanda Adkins, Davids’ likely Republican opponent in November, did not say whether she would have voted to overturn the 2020 election results or weigh in on the hearing.“

This isn’t the first time that Adkins has shied away from answering questions on her positions, begging the question: how long can Amanda Adkins avoid telling Kansans where she actually stands? 

DCCC Spokesperson Johanna Warshaw:

“Amanda Adkins continues to ignore the results of the 2020 election because she knows Kansans don’t want a conspiracy theorist representing them in Congress. Clearly Adkins is more interested in casting doubt on election results and peddling the MAGA Republican agenda than focusing on the everyday issues that matter to Kansans.”


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