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Amash Records ‘No’ Vote on COVID-19 Relief Despite Record Unemployment and Health Crisis

Yesterday Congressman Justin Amash officially submitted his ‘no’ vote in the congressional record on the latest coronavirus relief bill that overwhelmingly passed the House last week with bipartisan support. This bill “sends direct payments to Americans, provides billions in relief to small businesses and loans to corporations, boosts funding for hospitals and significantly ramps up unemployment insurance benefits.”

The Detroit News reported this morning that more than 300,000 Michiganders have filed for unemployment insurance, ranking Michigan fourth in the nation for unemployment. Additionally, as of Wednesday, more than 9,293 Michiganders had tested positive in the U.S. and roughly 336 had died as a result of COVID-19.

“During a national crisis, it’s unfortunate that Congressman Justin Amash would once again adhere to an extreme, out-of-touch ideology, even when it means risking the health, well-being, and economic security of thousands of Michiganders in the 3rd District,” said DCCC Spokesperson Courtney Rice.

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