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Amid Rapid Spike in Orange County COVID-19 Cases, New Ad Calls into Question the Leadership of Supervisor Michelle Steel

Today, the DCCC announced a new targeted ad buy in California’s 48th District, highlighting the false information and severe downplaying by GOP Congressional candidate and Orange County Supervisor Michelle Steel during the ongoing and growing COVID-19 pandemic. The targeted ad reminds the voters of Orange County that during this crisis, Supervisor Steel has downplayed and lied to the families of Orange County, saying earlier this year that Orange County had flattened the curve and that once the summer months come, the virus would “disappear.”


Steel’s comments follow her and the County getting caught falsely inflating the testing numbers by including serology tests in their official counts, which would show a lower overall infection rate. If Steel is willing to lie about testing during this pandemic and spread false information that the virus would “disappear” due to summer weather, it raises serious questions about what else Michelle Steel is willing to lie about.

Statement from DCCC Spokesperson Andy Orellana:

“Michelle Steel’s failed coronavirus response has jeopardized the lives of millions of residents. Steel, who is seeking a promotion to Congress, has repeatedly underplayed the threat of the virus and the number of cases affecting the county, which is now experiencing one of the highest hospitalization rates in California. If Michelle Steel is willing to lie and risk the lives of thousands in Orange County, how can she be trusted by the voters to lead in Congress.”

The DCCC’s ad will start running today on YouTube targeting voters across the 48th Congressional District, reminding voters that Michelle Steel has a hard time telling the truth and respecting the science that could protect them and their loved ones during this crisis.


KCRW HOST: Coronavirus cases continue to rise, in just three days the number of the people in the hospital is up now TWELVE PERCENT, yet County leaders there continue to downplay the COVID-19 data and in some cases, they reportedly are misrepresenting it.

KCRW REPORTER: But infamously Orange County Supervisor Michelle Steel on April 30 she said that the hospitalization rates in Orange County were going down and Orange County had flattened the curve. Here we are, almost a month and a half later, and the cases have only been going up. …

MICHELLE STEEL: So just hanging in there and then you know hopefully the weather gets better and then you know, this is all going to disappear.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: I think we are going to be very good with the Coronavirus, I think at some point its all going to just disappear.

MICHELLE STEEL: It’s just going to disappear.


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