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ANOTHER ONE: DCCC Slams Katko’s Special Interest Ties in Newest TV Ad

Third DCCC TV Ad in NY-24 Highlights John Katko’s Cozy Relationship With Special Interests and His Shift in Priorities

In a new TV ad, the DCCC reminds voters that John Katko hasn’t changed Washington; instead, he’s been changed by Washington. Since coming to DC five years ago, John Katko has cozied up to special interest groups, changed his priorities, and put Central New Yorkers last.

Priorities,” airing beginning September 1st, reminds voters that John Katko has changed, he’s beholden to special interests, and his priorities are out of sync with his district. He voted to give drug companies a tax break and voted against a bill supported by Democrats and Republicans that would hold drug companies, like his donors, accountable and give Medicare power to negotiate lower prices on critical prescription drugs like insulin.

Time and again, voters have named health care as a top concern, but Katko’s priorities lie with his special interest donors. In turn, some have run ads as a “thank you” for being on their side: just weeks ago The Auburn Citizen reported that American Action Network, which has been airing ads boosting Katko’s campaign, is primarily funded by the pharmaceutical manufacturing trade organization.

WATCH “Priorities” HERE

DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett released the following statement:

“John Kakto has changed and that’s a fact. He has repeatedly sided with his special interest donors who have funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars into his campaign and run ads propping up his re-election. John Katko doesn’t put Central New York first anymore and voters will remember come November.”

You can watch the ad here and read the transcript below.


John Katko used to put Central New York first.

But after five years, his priorities changed.

The drug industry gave John Katko’s campaign over $160,000 dollars.

Katko gave them a forty billion dollar tax cut.

And Central New York families pay the price.

Katko sided with drug companies and voted against a bipartisan bill to lower prescription drug prices.

John Katko doesn’t put Central New York first anymore.


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