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Another Recess Week, Another Trip to Keep Comstock From Answering on Tax Hikes and Healthcare

If it’s a recess week then that means Representative Barbara Comstock is traveling instead of answering her constituents’ concerns about their healthcare costs and taxes going up. Comstock has faced pressure from her constituents for refusing to hold a single town hall in her more than 1,000 days in office. Recently, she failed to comment on President Trump’s sabotage of the healthcare system that is going to raise insurance premiums on her constituents, and has been silent about why she supports Speaker Paul Ryan’s tax plan that is going to hike taxes on working families in her district.

More than 51% of Comstock’s constituents – one of the highest percentages of any congressional district in the country – received nearly $5 billion in tax relief from the State and Local Tax Deduction that would be eliminated under the plan she supports. The average family of four living near Comstock’s northern Virginia district office would face an annual tax increase of $1,697 under the Ryan-Comstock plan.

“President Trump is sabotaging the system and raising healthcare costs, congressional Republicans are planning to hike taxes on Virginia families, and once again Representative Barbara Comstock is nowhere to be found,” said DCCC spokesperson Jacob Peters. “Comstock’s constituents deserve an answer about why she is putting corporations and the wealthy above her own constituents by backing a tax hike on Virginia working families.”

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