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Anthony D’Esposito Votes For Corruption, Extremism, and Economic Disaster

House Republicans pass rules package that spells disaster and more chaos 

Today, following their historically long and dysfunctional speakership election last week, House Republicans passed a rules package that sets the strict framework and practices for the 118th Congress. As a result of Kevin McCarthy’s inability to secure support from his caucus on the first 14 ballots,  Republicans handed over power to some of the most extreme members of the Republican caucus through a series of corrupt backroom deals and policy concessions.

Today, Anthony D’Esposito voted on some of those concessions as well as previously agreed to Republican initiatives:

  • Require mandatory economic legislation to be paired with spending cuts that could destroy Social Security, Medicare, or other essential government programs. Fail to meet this extreme demand and Republicans would implode the debt ceiling, sending the US economy into a disastrous spiral

  • Any one person can call to remove the Speaker, forcing McCarthy to answer to any and all of his extreme MAGA Members

  • Cutting $75 billion in defense spending

  • A corrupt rule change that would gut the Office of Congressional Ethics, which is intended to be a nonpartisan, independent body charged with reviewing allegations of misconduct against House lawmakers and staff

  • More extreme political investigations, including into the January 6th Select Committee, and the FBI and DOJ as they investigate certain Republicans’ role in January 6th and Donald Trump’s mishandling of top secret documents

DCCC spokesperson Nebeyatt Betre: 
“Anthony D’Esposito is all in on the extreme MAGA agenda. First he stood by Kevin McCarthy as he made backroom deals with extremists, and now he voted in favor of every single concession and the dangerous Republican agenda that will make Americans poorer, sicker, and at greater threat.”


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