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Bad Week for Curbelo: The Shadiness Continues…

You would expect Carlos Curbelo to learn a lesson and improve his transparency, after being called out for taking advantage of a loophole that hides the clients of his lobbying firm, omitting special interest donations from campaign finance reports, and approving contracts for campaign donors while a member of the 2014 school board. But, sadly for South Florida voters, Congressman Carlos Curbelo is still as transparent as a brick.

In the last week alone, it was revealed on multiple occasions that Carlos Curbelo is still up to his old tricks and trying to hide who is really influencing his policy agenda instead of South Florida voters: Washington D.C. Republicans at the NRCC, secret donors and big oil.

“Congressman Curbelo’s questionable judgement and attempts to confuse voters is a continuing theme.” said DCCC spokesman Jermaine House. “Each new development highlights why South Florida voters deserve a representative who is transparent and completely honest.”

Another Week in the Shade

Curbelo Garners Ethics Complaint for Agreeing to Trade his Legislative Agenda for Campaign Cash [Miami Herald 10/8/15]

“The left-leaning American Democracy Legal Fund has filed a complaint with the House Office of Congressional Ethics against 23 members including U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo, R-Miami alleging that they violated rules prohibiting the use of official resources for campaign or political purposes. According to a press release from the group, Curbelo and others “violated these rules by entering into the “Patriot Program Contract 2015,” a contract with the National Republican Congressional Committee agreeing to provide details of the Members’ legislative strategy, including a ”detailed finance plan and budget,” in exchange for “special attention” and “campaign cash.”

Curbelo Fined Again for Omitting Donations from FEC Reports [Miami Herald 10/4/15]

            “U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo will pay a second fine to the Federal Election Commission, this time over $52,875 in campaign contributions he failed to properly report last year.

The Miami Republican settled with the FEC and agreed to pay $1,050. He reached a similar agreement earlier this year, with a fine of $3,200, for omitting $26,700 in contributions.”

Curbelo’s Hypocrisy on Off-shore Oil Drilling Exposed [Miami New Times 10/8/15]

Since he entered office in January, Florida Republican Congressman Carlos Curbelo has made headlines for his progressive stance on environmental issues. Representing Florida’s 26th Congressional District, which stretches from Miami to Key West, he touts clean energy, and has split from much of his party in advocating for steps to combat climate change, which he says is “a major challenge and threat we all face, especially in South Florida.” But after recent actions to support offshore drilling, including a symbolic video filmed aboard an oil rig, some are left scratching their heads, wanting to know just what sort of clean energy strategy the freshman Congressman really supports.”

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