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Barbara Comstock Funding Anti-Shak Hill Website

Looks like Rep. Barbara Comstock is hearing footsteps in her primary battle against Shak Hill.

Late last week, a website called appeared and it has it all: mocking pictures of Shak Hill, attacks on his personal and professional life, and this closing argument: “HE’S A CREEPY, PERENNIALLY FAILED CANDIDATE WHO IS DEEPLY IN DEBT WITH A FAILED BUSINESS CAREER.”

It also has a box at the bottom that makes it pretty clear who is responsible:

This shouldn’t be a total surprise, Barbara Comstock is a seasoned political operative and former opposition researcher who is running in a district that Corey Stewart carried in the 2017 Virginia Gubernatorial primary over Ed Gillespie.

But here’s the real question this raises: if Shak Hill is such a joke candidate as these attacks suggest, why spend all the time and money on this research and website to tear him down? Does Barbara Comstock know something that we don’t?

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