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Barbara Comstock running for Senate

Barbara Comstock running for Senate

Ha! Great April Fool’s Day joke, right? But no. Looks like this one is actually true. Turns out that Comstock’s team has started buying up domain names apparently in anticipation of her upcoming run for Senate. Comstock is now the proud owner of,,, and

Career politician and former lobbyist Barbara Comstock hasn’t even made it through her first reelection and she’s already looking for her next job,” said Jermaine House, spokesman for the DCCC. “It’s amazing that it took Comstock more than 20 months to return money from Donald Trump, but she’s already planning years ahead for her run for Senate.”

Names Registered By Arena Communications, Comstock’s Digital Consultants. Domain names appear to have been registered to Arena Communications, a firm who has done work for Comstock. Comstock’s campaign has paid Arena Online more than $93,000.

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