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Barr, Pence hide behind closed doors with 230,000 Kentuckians’ health care on the line

Vice President Pence is with Rep. Andy Barr in Lexington today to try and sell their party’s disastrous health care repeal bill, but they’re afraid to meet with Kentuckians in public about their health care bill and the 231,400 people in Kentucky who will lose their insurance coverage.


“Congressman Andy Barr’s constituents know he’s put his party ahead of their ability to access affordable high quality health care,” said Cole Leiter DCCC spokesperson. “If he wasn’t afraid to face those constituents he wouldn’t be hiding behind closed doors with Vice President Pence today in Lexington. But he knows he’s failed to serve in their best interests and that’s why he won’t show his face in public. Kentuckians deserve better.”


Under the Republican healthcare repeal bill’s latest version:

  • Kentuckians would face premium increases up to $550.
  • 174,700 Kentucky residents would lose private insurance coverage.
  • Hospitals would face $157,229,623 in uncompensated care.

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