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Why is Barry Loudermilk sticking up for Equifax, not Georgians?

You might think that just days after a huge consumer privacy scandal broke in the news, Washington Republicans would be rushing to protect people whose personal information was compromised. But you’d be wrong – particularly if that Washington Republican is Congressman Barry Loudermilk.

Instead, Congressman Barry Loudermilk is pushing a bill that would make it more difficult for consumers to hold big corporations accountable for recklessly handling their personal and financial information. That kind of logic might make sense for a bought and paid for creature of Washington, but it’s doing nothing to protect the financial security of folks in Georgia.

“There’s a reason people don’t trust Washington Republicans like Congressman Barry Loudermilk. Loudermilk has a proven track record of protecting his special interest backers over the best interests of his constituents,” said Cole Leiter, DCCC spokesperson. “Congressman Loudermilk needs to withdraw his bill or explain to folks living in Georgia why he’s taking Equifax’s side over theirs.”

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