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Who is Behind “DC Mike” Gallagher’s Super PAC?

Few noticed, but last week, “DC Mike” Gallagher got some more help in his bid for Congress: a brand-new Super PAC.

Little is known about this new Super PAC, other than its name (Midwest Growth PAC) and its treasurer: Bruce Barrette, a Wisconsin dentist and Republican insider who was removed from the Wisconsin Dentistry Board after an investigation against him revealed Barrette had been violating state ethics laws.

In addition to his questionable ethics, Barrette is known for his ties to former Assembly Speaker John Gard, and has contributed to his multiple congressional campaigns – including when he ran for Congress in 2008, when candidate and Gallagher challenger Frank Lasee also explored a bid for the seat.

Gallagher has already earned the moniker “DC Mike” for his Washington ties and for the fact that he’s never voted in Wisconsin, and only registered to vote there this year.

Perhaps it’s time to tack on the title of “Super PAC-funded”?

“DC Mike is bringing Washington to Wisconsin with his flashy fundraisers and insider-backed Super PACs, but Mike Gallagher is mistaken if he believes Wisconsinites will support someone who only registered to vote in their state so he could vote for himself,” said Sacha Haworth of the DCCC.

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