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Bice Silent as Sen. Lankford Apologizes to Black Constituents for Opposing Election Results

Bice has also has yet to comment on last week’s violence at the U.S. Capitol after she spread false allegations of fraud 

This morning, Sen. Lankford wrote a letter apologizing to his Black constituents for opposing the results of the Electoral College, writing that he has come to realize that his actions cast doubt “on the validity of votes coming out of predominantly Black communities.” Sen. Lankford’s decision to take responsibility comes in stark contrast with new Congresswoman Stephanie Bice who last week voted to overturn the will of American voters, baselessly opposing certification of the presidential vote in key states that supported President-elect Biden in November.

Bice’s refusal to apologize to her constituents for pushing debunked allegations of fraud comes as she has also failed to take responsibility for the role she played in enabling a violent, QAnon mob to attack the U.S. Capitol last week, leaving five Americans dead – including a Capitol Police officer. More than a week later, Bice has yet to condemn that violence.

“Even Senator Lankford has recognized and apologized for the fact that his decision to spread baseless allegations of fraud is deeply disrespectful to the voters he represents – particularly Black voters,” said DCCC Spokesperson Brooke Goren. “Congresswoman Stephanie Bice, on the other hand, has chosen to side with the violent, QAnon mob over the U.S. Constitution and her own constituents. That’s shameful and Oklahomans deserve better.”


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