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THE BIG CON: Coffman Said He Would Be Honest About His Presidential Vote – He Lied

THE BIG CON: Coffman Said He Would Be Honest About His Presidential Vote – He Lied

Coffman lied to the voters and the press repeatedly this cycle – will anyone trust him going forward?

Congressman Mike Coffman proved little more this cycle other than his craven willingness to say and do anything to win reelection. After speaking at an anti-Muslim hate group, embracing Trump’s hardline immigration plan in the final weeks of the campaign, and switching his stance on the presidential election more times than we can count, Coffman promised that he would stand up to Trump and that he would divulge when ballots went out who he would vote for. It’s clear now that he broke both of those promises.

Yesterday, Trump appointed a dangerous member of the white nationalist movement as his chief strategist. This provided the first proving ground for whether or not Coffman would keep his promise to be independent and stand up to Trump on behalf of his diverse constituency. But just like so many times throughout the campaign – for example when he neglected to stand up to Trump’s Muslim ban after Coffman spoke to an anti-Muslim hate group – Coffman lacked the moral conviction to take a stand.

“Congressman Mike Coffman lied over and over again to his constituents and to the press – and that’s not something that he can easily escape,” said DCCC Spokesman Tyler Law. “The fact that we still don’t know if Coffman voted for Donald Trump is troubling. But Coffman wasting no time in proving that he lacks the backbone to speak out against a dangerous white nationalist is disturbing. Given Mike Coffman’s loose relationship with the truth and natural tendency to support extreme policies that hurt his district, we will remain even more steadfast in holding him accountable.”

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