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Big Liar Derrick Van Orden Is Out of Touch With Western & Central Wisconsin

Van Orden’s involvement in the January 6th insurrection, backwards views on women, and opposition to COVID relief funds make him too extreme for WI-03

Lying insurrectionist Derrick Van Orden’s second run for Congress may somehow be off to a worse start than his first.

Wisconsin voters rejected failed candidate Van Orden the first time around because they knew that his record on everything from trying to strip health care from WI-03 families to attacking a woman’s right to choose was far too extreme. Now, only a few months into his second doomed attempt to get to Congress, the headlines are getting even worse for Van Orden — including getting caught red-handed lying about attending the January 6th insurrection, and facing an FEC complaint for illegally using campaign funds to get there.

It’s not just that Van Orden was present at a deadly attack on our U.S. Capitol. On the issues that matter most, like defeating COVID-19 and getting critical relief to Wisconsin families and small businesses, extremist Van Orden is a hypocrite and out of touch with the voters of western and central Wisconsin.

Let’s take a look at the many ways Big Liar Van Orden has proven to be too extreme for Wisconsin’s 3rd District — which is why voters there have already rejected him:

“Derrick Van Orden has somehow managed to drift even more out-of-touch with the voters of Wisconsin’s 3rd District since his last failed campaign,” said DCCC spokesperson Helen Kalla. “Van Orden’s toxic record of pushing the Big Lie, breaking federal campaign finance law to attend the deadly insurrection, and opposing critical COVID relief funds show that he’s more interested in going to Washington to serve his party bosses than the families of western and central Wisconsin.”


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