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Blum Ranked Most Vulnerable Incumbent; Abandoned Again by Fellow Republicans

Today, Politico ranked Congressman Blum the most likely incumbent to lose his seat this cycle. And this isn’t the first outlet to expose his vulnerability: Roll Call made the case in March that he’s a top target. Blum indicated early on that he would be joining the Steve King wing of the party when he voted against Speaker Boehner. The NRCC followed up by excluding him from their support program for vulnerable members. Even more embarrassingly, the NRCC expanded the Patriot Program today and snubbed Blum yet again – an early indication that the Republican Party is cutting their losses in the 1st District.

“It’s clear that the Republican Party has come to find out what Iowans already know: that Congressman Blum’s election last year was a fluke,” said DCCC Communications Director Matt Thornton. “Since coming to Washington, Blum has taken his lead from Steve King and other Tea Party extremists and has spent more time trying to play kingmaker to presidential candidates than solving problems for his constituents – two likely reasons for the embarrassingly low support for his reelection.”

Earlier this month, Blum pulled together a paltry sum of $120,000. In an attempt to gloss over the widespread ridicule, Blum said his goal was only to raise $100,000 – nowhere near enough to carry a district where President Obama received nearly 57% of the vote in 2012. Most shockingly, Blum held fundraisers with presidential candidates Scott Walker, Rand Paul, and Rick Perry that appear to have raised embarrassingly little money. On the last day of the quarter he was forced to dip into his own personal fortune with $500,000 loan to float his flailing campaign, which is never a good sign for an incumbent this early in the cycle.


Politico Ranks Blum The Most Vulnerable House Member. “No House incumbent looks more vulnerable than GOP Rep. Rod Blum, who won his seat with 51 percent of the vote in November after Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley ran for the Senate instead.” [Politico Pro, 5/1/15]

Blum Stands With Steve King In Opposing Boehner. “Blum instead followed the lead of fellow Iowa GOP congressman Steve King, who nominated Florida U.S. Rep. Daniel Webster as speaker on Tuesday.” [Des Moines Register, 1/6/15]

Roll Call Spotlights Blum’s Seat As Top Pick Up Opportunity For Democrats. “On the other side, there’s concern in the state Blum might not get much help from Washington, D.C. after voting against John A. Boehner for speaker on his first day in office. Iowa Republicans noted Blum didn’t make the National Republican Congressional Committee’s initial list for the Patriot Program, which names vulnerable members who need help in 2016.” [Roll Call, 3/4/15]

National Journal Calls Out Blum For Poor Fundraising. “Lower fundraising totals include Rep. Rod Blum‘s (R-IA) $119,000…” [National Journal, 4/16/15]

Roll Call Highlights Blum’s “Lackluster” First Quarter. “Freshman Rep. Rod Blum, an Iowa Republican who represents a district President Barack Obama carried by a 14-point margin in 2012, raised just $119,000, a surprisingly low sum for a candidate who has been courted by the crowded Republican presidential field looking to play in the Iowa caucuses.” [Roll Call, 4/16/15]


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