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Bo Hines’ Extremism Will Be on Full Display at Trump Rally

In battleground NC-13, 27-year-old Bo Hines will have to answer for his and Trump’s radical agenda to ban abortion and overturn elections

Today, Donald Trump is headed to Wilmington, North Carolina to rally with some of the most extreme Republicans in the state, including Bo Hines. But after riding to victory in the primary on Trump’s coattails, Hines seems to regret aligning himself with the former president’s radical agenda.

When the New York Times called Hines earlier this week to confirm his attendance at the rally, he hung up the phone. And Hines was one of multiple Republicans caught scrubbing Trump from his campaign website after his primary.

In battleground NC-13, it’s no wonder Hines is trying to hide his toxic association with Donald Trump. But when he stands shoulder to shoulder with Donald Trump on stage tonight, it will make clear to voters that Bo Hines’ loyalty lies with being a “MAGA warrior” for the former president – not to North Carolina families.

DCCC Spokesperson Monica Robinson:
“When Bo Hines steps on that stage with Donald Trump tonight, he’ll be reminding North Carolina voters that he takes his marching orders from the most extreme wing of his party – not from North Carolinians. Bo Hines has pledged to be a MAGA warrior in Congress and voters will take him at his word.”


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