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Boebert Tries to Rewrite History On Extreme Record – So Here Are The Receipts

Lauren Boebert is increasingly at risk of losing her seat in Congress, so it’s no surprise she’s trying to mislead Coloradans about her record of extremism. But Colorado voters know that her radical record in DC has serious consequences back home. Boebert has:

  • Repeatedly supported a national ban on abortion with no exceptions and voted against legislation that would protect many common forms of contraception and birth control for Coloradans

  • Voted against critical medical care for the state’s veterans

  • Voted against extending death and disability benefits for local police officers and their families

  • Voted against funding for grants to help Coloradans struggling with opioid addiction

DCCC Spokesperson Mallory Payne:
“Lauren Boebert’s record of MAGA extremism is deeply out of touch with Coloradans and no amount of disingenuous attempts at rebranding will prevent voters from holding her accountable and voting her out next November.”


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