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Brandon Williams Still Refuses to Return Santos’ Shady Money

Williams’ tight grip on Santos’ cash isn’t matching up with his words

Several New York Republicans who received campaign contributions from George Santos have already returned or donated Santos’ contributions, yet Brandon Williams is refusing to follow suit according to his most recent financial disclosures.

While Williams releases meaningless statements to appease New York voters who were deceived by Williams’ lying donor, he’s yet to return or even say he’d return the funds Santos donated to his campaign.

REMINDER: George Santos is facing numerous complaints and investigations at the local, state, and national level for his potentially criminal behavior – including the FBI investigating Santos’ role in “allegedly raising money for a veteran’s dying service dog in a GoFundMe scheme – then ghosting with the cash.”

Why is Williams clinging onto Santos’ potentially illegal funds?

DCCC Spokesperson Nebeyatt Betre
“Williams’ greed is loud and clear. His grip on Santos’ shady funding proves to voters that Williams is more concerned with keeping his own vulnerable campaign coffers full than holding Santos accountable.”


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