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Breaking – More Racist Posts From Ted Howze Surface And More Proof Howze Has Lied Again

Howze Has Once Again Been Bus(Ted) For His Hateful and Racist Rhetoric; McCarthy and House GOP Silent in the Face of Their Candidates Bigotry

You may remember that just a couple weeks ago, Politico reported on some shockingly racist and conspiratorial tweets from failing Republican candidate Ted Howze. The report claimed Howze described Muhammad as a rapist and a pedophile, mocked a survivor of the Parkland shooting, and called for the deportation of all Dreamers.

Howze tried to claim that he was not at fault and that someone else made the posts on his account without his knowledge. Sure, Ted.

The Modesto Bee called him out for coming up with such a ridiculous excuse, but NOW we KNOW Ted lied. It turns out Ted has been posting racist comments for years!

MORE shocking posts from Howze have surfaced as part of a follow-up investigation from Politico. These include comparing Dreamers to pedophiles, calling Black Americans “political slaves” and claiming Muslims can’t be “good American citizens.”

Turns out that Ted not only lied about making the posts in the first place – but that his racism also goes deeper than we thought.

But neither should really be a surprise. Lying is not new territory for Ted. Howze has lied about living in a gated community in Stockton and outside of the districtlied about Representative Harder’s record and service to Veterans, and led a coverup after one of his volunteers was caught on camera being arrested for pedophilia.

Racism isn’t new for Ted either. In addition to his previous tweets, Ted is also best friends with the organizer of the straight white pride rally and couldn’t contain his excitement at the prospect of a visit from former hate-group employee Scott Presler. Best of luck to the House GOP and their racist, lying candidate Ted Howze in this deeply diverse district!

Statement from DCCC Spokesperson Andy Orellana:

“Yet again, it’s been made abundantly clear Ted Howze has no business running to represent the Central Valley in Congress. House Republicans, including Minority Leader McCarthy, who have lined up behind Howze, should have to answer for his racist rhetoric and hateful bigotry. If Howze is the type of candidate the NRCC is touting as their path back to the majority, these next six months are not going to be their best.”


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