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Brian Fitzpatrick Admits He Agrees With Trump on Defunding Planned Parenthood

He hides behind lawyers to dispute DCCC ad weeks after it starts running


Today, Brian Fitzpatrick hilariously tried to dispute the accuracy of a DCCC television ad that stated that Brian supported Trump and that they have identical positions on defunding Planned Parenthood. Unable to take issue with the Planned Parenthood charge, Brian only tried to change his position on Trump when he saw that his support was hurting his Congressional campaign – and used that change of heart to challenge the accuracy of our ad.


Note how he didn’t even bother trying to refute the Planned Parenthood charge in his absurd complaint letter here. (Spoiler alert: he can’t.)


What’s more amazing is that the statement Brian uses to justify his change of heart wasn’t issued until two days after the ad started running. And even then, it took him nearly two weeks to issue the challenge letter.


What’s even more is at least one voter in PA-08 claims to have met with Brian Fitzpatrick as recently as Oct. 9 (a day after Brian’s supposed change of heart) where Brian reassured the voter that he still supported Trump.


“Brian Fitzpatrick can take whatever politically craven position on Trump he wants, but nothing will change the fact that Brian Fitzpatrick and Donald Trump are identical in their opposition to Planned Parenthood,” said Jermaine House of the DCCC. “Brian has made it absolutely clear that he will do whatever it takes – even try to change his positions with the political winds – to slide into his brother’s seat in Congress.”

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