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Why is Brian Fitzpatrick Dodging Donald Trump?

Why is Brian Fitzpatrick Dodging Donald Trump?

Why is Republican Brian Fitzpatrick dodging questions about Donald Trump? In this video, Brian Fitzpatrick pledged to support the Republican nominee; however, the Philadelphia Inquirer recently noted that Brian Fitzpatrick wasn’t answering questions about Donald Trump:

“…Fitzpatrick, running for a congressional swing seat, has not answered the Inquirer’s questions over the last two weeks about how he views Trump.”

Could it be that Trump has suggested defaulting on our debt, selected a White Nationalist Leader as one his delegates, and most recently, doubled down on his attacks on former prisoner of war Senator John McCain?

“Brian Fitzpatrick isn’t answering questions about Donald Trump, because he knows very well the nightmare of having Trump at the top of the ticket.” said DCCC spokesman Jermaine House. “Brian Fitzpatrick’s dodging is a desperate attempt to avoid that damaging reality, but it won’t work: voters in Pennsylvania will see no daylight between him and the offensive Donald Trump in November.”

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