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Brian Fitzpatrick Gets Primary Challenger

Will Fitzpatrick Survive a Republican Primary?

Congratulations to Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, who got an early Christmas gift, an America First GOP primary challenger! Bradley Lanning, who announced his candidacy against Fitzpatrick saying the Congressman, “is out of touch with voters.”

We agree. Brian Fitzpatrick isn’t delivering for the Republicans or Democrats in Bucks County — only himself. The only question now remains: how will Fitzpatrick react?

Will he again beg for Trump’s endorsement or just continue to protect him? Will Trump be willing to after he attacked those of Fitzpatrick’s ilk?

How can Fitzpatrick further prove his fealty to a GOP base he is so beholden to already?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

DCCC Spokesperson James Singer
“We hope Brian Fitzpatrick enjoys his early Christmas present in the form of a GOP primary challenger. We can’t wait to see what fun they have together.”


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