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Brian Fitzpatrick Joins Radical Republicans’ Attempts to Tank U.S. Economy

Faux Moderate Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick is no different than radical right-wing Republicans intent on playing partisan politics with our economy. Yesterday, Fitzpatrick voted against suspending the debt limit and funding the government.

A study from Moody’s found that the partisan politics Fitzpatrick is playing has serious consequences. Their study found a prolonged impasse over the debt ceiling would cost the U.S. economy up to 6 million jobs, wipe out $15 trillion in household wealth, and send the unemployment rate up to 9 percent. 

Under Trump, the national debt was increased by $8 trillion and the debt limit was suspended three times — Fitzpatrick had no issues with suspending the debt during the last administration.

DCCC Spokesperson James Singer

“With this reckless vote, Brian Fitzpatrick has sided with radical Republicans and their partisan games, putting both the American economy and Pennsylvania families at risk.”


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