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Bruce Poliquin Refuses to Stand Up to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz – Instead Sits Down

The nightmarish scenario of running alongside Donald Trump or Ted Cruz is clearly sending Congressman Bruce Poliquin through the roof.

Last month, Poliquin refused to say which presidential candidate he caucused for.

A couple of weeks later, Poliquin endured an “uncomfortable pause” with a reporter in order to dodge direct questions about who he supports in the presidential race.

What is Poliquin to do next? Stand up to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz by avoiding participation in his own party’s national convention.

“Terrified of running alongside unpopular frontrunners Donald Trump or Ted Cruz this November, Congressman Bruce Poliquin is desperately trying to sit on the sidelines – a real profile in courage,” said Bryan Lesswing at the DCCC. “Let’s not forget that Bruce Poliquin already chose his preferred presidential pick when he caucused with his fellow Maine Republicans last month. So by sitting on his hands and refusing to denounce Trump’s dangerous views, Bruce Poliquin is giving his tacit approval of Trump’s reckless rhetoric that makes America less safe, insults women and tramples on the Constitution.”

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