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Bustos: McCarthy and Emmer Are Still Endorsing Howze’s Bigotry 

DCCC Chair Cheri Bustos released the following statement in response to House Republican Leadership’s refusal to rescind their endorsement of Republican congressional candidate Ted Howze.

“It’s unexplainable why Minority Leader McCarthy and Chairman Emmer are still endorsing a candidate who has admitted he used his platform to spread bigotry and hatred. Ted Howze is the handpicked candidate of Leader McCarthy and House Republican Leadership. Mr. McCarthy endorsed Howze before the primary and the NRCC kept Howze on their list of preferred candidates more than two weeks after POLITICO first reported on his bigoted and hateful social media rhetoric. Mr. McCarthy and Mr. Emmer are standing behind Ted Howze – and all of the hateful ideas he spouts.”

During the 2018 election cycle, then-NRCC Chair Steve Stivers withdrew its support for a New Jersey House candidate following reports of is disparaging comments about African Americans and Latinos.


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