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California GOP Concedes They Broke They Law In Installing A Targeted Illegal Ballot Box Strategy

Republicans Have Acknowledged Placing Their Illegal Ballot Boxes in the Three Large Counties That Contain the Most Contested House Races Of 2020 – CA-21, CA-25, CA-48

Earlier today, it was announced that the California GOP would no longer illegally brand their ballot boxes ‘official’ to deceive voters.

This week, national Republicans, like the NRCC, were touting these illegal and unofficial ballot boxes as clearly “following the laws” and that Republicans will “continue to be steadfast in defending Californian’s voting rights.”

This comes after House GOP leadership conceded they got their “clock cleaned” in 2018 in California and that they are “laser focused” on a strategy to collect ballots in order to compete electorally in 2020. But now, Republicans in California have conceded that their own strategy ran afoul of the law and have backed down, while national Republicans appear to remain steadfast in supporting this illegal ballot box program.

Following recent developments resulting in the California GOP complying with the law and halting their illegal ballot box strategy, DCCC Executive Director Lucinda Guinn issued the following statement:

“Californians deserve to have safe and secure elections that are fair and free from partisan malfeasance. That is why we are pleased to know that Californians’ access to the ballot will not be undermined by the CA GOP’s recent efforts to install illegal and unofficial ballot boxes that deceive voters and interfere with the security and safety of our election. Efforts to provide full and proper access to the ballot and Californians’ voting rights must be protected.

“While the California GOP has come to their senses and begun to comply with the law, we look forward to national Republicans finally accepting that they must actually organize their communities in order to win.”


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