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Career Politician and GOP Congressional Candidate Michelle Steel Hedges Her Bets on House Run, Pumps Thousands into a Committee for a 2022 Statewide Campaign

Michelle Steel in 2014 declared to the voters of Orange County that she was not a career politician, even though she had just spent the last 13 years as a politician…

NOW, Steel has stated that she is running for Congress in 2020 but at the same time Steel has been hedging her bet against a failed Congressional run and been pumping thousands into a campaign committee for her to run for California State Controller in 2022…

According to the California Secretary of State, Steel created a campaign committee to run for California State Controller in 2022, with the committee raising over $21,000 since beginning of this year.

As was reported by the Orange County Register over the weekend:

“Many current and aspiring career politicians in Orange County already have set themselves up to run for a variety of state and local offices in 2022 and beyond.


Often, this legal behavior is simply about hedging bets.


Supervisor Michelle Steel, a Republican who represents the coastal 2nd District, also is scheduled term out of her county seat in 2022. But she may be gone before that, since she’s challenging Rep. Harley Rouda, D-Laguna Beach, for the 48th Congressional District in 2020. If Congress doesn’t pan out, Steel has $21,397 in a campaign committee to run for state controller in 2022.”

Current Orange County politicians hedging their bets and pumping thousands into alternate campaign accounts in order to game out their next public office, certainly sounds like a career politician.

“For declaring herself not a career politician, Michelle Steel certainly has made all the right campaign moves to ensure she sits in public office for years to come,” said DCCC Spokesperson, Andy Orellana. “As Steel hedges her bet on running for Congress and keeps her Sacramento options open in 2022, the voters of CA-48 will see right through her political careerism and reject Steel and her false claims for wanting to represent the needs of Orange County in Washington.”


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