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Carlos Curbelo Feeling So Much Heat For ‘Ponzi Scheme’ Comment He Needs A Portable Fan

Today marks the 4-week anniversary since news broke that Carlos Curbelo was caught on camera calling Medicare and Social Security a “Ponzi scheme” in D.C. – and for four weeks, Curbelo has twisted himself into knots by refusing to apologize as his offensive comments have dominated the race.

“Carlos Curbelo is feeling so much heat for calling Medicare and Social Security a ‘Ponzi scheme’ that he’s in desperate need of a portable fan,” said David Bergstein of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “For four weeks, Curbelo has refused to apologize and refused to come clean about his right-wing agenda that would jeopardize the Social Security and Medicare benefits that South Florida seniors have earned. It’s just the latest sign that Curbelo is only looking out for himself and his Tea Party political allies – and that Curbelo can’t be trusted to look out for South Floridians  in Washington.”

See for yourself:

  • Miami Herald: “The congressman kicked off the debate on the topic of Medicare, which has become his principal jab at Curbelo. Democrats secretly recorded the challenger, in a talk to a group of college Republicans in Washington D.C., calling Medicare and Social Security a ‘Ponzi scheme.’” [Miami Herald, 10/14/14]
  • CBS Facing South Florida: Curbelo: ‘Ponzi scheme’ a “figure of speech.” [CBS Facing South Florida, 10/13/14]
  • National Journal: “But Curbelo has suffered from some bad press, too: He was recently captured on camera calling Social Security a ‘Ponzi scheme’ while talking to a group of College Republicans.” [National Journal, 10/9/14]
  • Miami Herald: “Curbelo told college Republicans at George Washington University that the entitlement programs are ‘insolvent’ and akin to a ‘Ponzi scheme.’ PolitiFact Florida ruled the latter comment False. He also said he would support other changes to the entitlement programs, including means-testing.” [Miami Herald, 10/9/14]
  • Miami Herald: “Carlos Curbelo’s remarks to college Republicans that Social Security and Medicare amount to a ‘Ponzi scheme’ have made it to a new television ad funded by a Democratic political action committee.” [Miami Herald, 10/6/14]
  • Bay News 9: “Candidate Carlos Curbelo doesn’t think too highly of Social Security or Medicare, calling them ‘a Ponzi scheme.’” [Bay News 9, 10/02/14]
  • ABC Miami: “Curbelo did call Social Security and Medicare ‘Ponzi schemes.’” [ABC, 9/25/14]
  • Sunshine State News: “In his remarks, Curbelo compared Social Security and Medicare to a Ponzi scheme, insisting that with people living longer, younger Americans are paying into programs that probably won’t be around when they are seniors.” [Sunshine State News,  9/23/14]
  • Politifact False: “With a nod to Rick Perry, Carlos Curbelo calls Social Security and Medicare a ‘Ponzi scheme’” [Politifact, 9/24/14]
  • Bill Becker Radio Show: Curbelo: ‘Ponzi scheme’ a “Figure of speech.” [Bill Becker Radio Show, 9/22/14]
  • Political Cortadito: “But their public duels are increasingly about national issues such as immigration and Social Security and Medicare, both of which Curbelo called a ‘Ponzi scheme.’” [Political Cortadito, 9/20/14]
  • Miami Herald: “Tracker video shows Carlos Curbelo calling Medicare, Social Security a ‘Ponzi scheme’” [Miami Herald, 9/19/14]

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