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The Case Against Congressman Mike Turner

“After nearly two decades in office, Congressman Mike Turner has forgotten that the hardworking families in Ohio’s tenth congressional district are who he must represent, not the PACs and corporate special interest groups that fund his campaign,” DCCC Spokesperson Sarah Guggenheimer said. “Desiree Tims will restore leadership and representation to this district. A proud Dayton native, Desiree is running for Congress to fight for affordable health care, good paying jobs, and better infrastructure, which will stand in stark contrast to Turner’s long history of advocacy for the Washington swamp.”

To: Interested Parties

From: Sarah Guggenheimer, DCCC Regional Press Secretary

Date: April 28, 2020

Subject: The Case Against Congressman Mike Turner

Throughout his time in office, Congressman Mike Turner has proven a reliable advocate for lobbyists, corporations, and the Washington swamp, even if that means leaving Ohio’s 10th congressional district behind.

His consistent votes to gut protections for pre-existing conditions, oppose lowering prescription drug costs, and support of corporate tax cuts that come at the expense of hardworking Ohioan families reveal a Congressman more concerned with lobbyist donations than one who does the work and delivers results for his constituents. Instead, Turner has proven a tried and true lackey for the Washington swamp.

Unfortunately, this has left Ohioans in the 10th Congressional District without honest and true representation.

But that is all about to change when voters elect Desiree Tims to Congress next November.

A native Daytonian and a product of Dayton Public Schools, Desiree became the first member of her family to graduate from a four-year college when she graduated from Xavier University. As a graduate from Georgetown Law, Desiree went on to work for the White House and later, Senator Sherrod Brown. Throughout her career she has fought against the swampy establishment politics that Turner so wholeheartedly support. She’s fighting to return representation to hardworking families and to advocate for more affordable health care, better infrastructure, and good paying jobs.

In this majority suburban district, voters are ready for a change and Desiree is the woman to provide it. Her deep ties to Dayton, close relationships and support from Senator Brown and Mayor Nan Whaley, and record of fighting for working families up against Turner’s votes against the interests of Ohioans make this race one to watch.


Dayton Daily News: “Tims, a Xavier University and Georgetown Law graduate, intends to stake out positions on health care, jobs, infrastructure and other areas” [Dayton Daily News, 8/14/19]

Dayton 24/7: “…[Tims] said she can make a difference because, ‘Nobody owns me, I don’t owe anybody anything and so I’m ready to fight.” [Dayton 24/7, 8/14/19] “’Metaphorically, Desiree took me to school. She taught me what I should have learned in school, what they didn’t teach me,’ [YelloPain] said. ‘I wanted to get people in my same position to vote.’” [, 1/28/20]

The Hill: “Massie then went after Turner, alleging that his rebuke of McMurtry’s comments wasn’t strong enough. ‘.@RepMikeTurner doesn’t even have words for getting caught inviting racism into the party. It’s #refundseason,’ he tweeted.” [The Hill, 4/18/20]

Mike Turner is a Proud Member of the Washington Swamp

Turner’s health care record makes Ohioans sick

In his nearly 20 years in Congress, Congressman Mike Turner has been a reliable rubberstamp for Washington Republicans’ reckless plan to repeal coverage for the more than 293,000 Ohioans with pre-existing conditions in his district, which proved one of his biggest liabilities in the 2018 election. And since then his record has only grown worse.

Not only has Turner repeatedly voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act and support lawsuits that would do the same, but now he’s voted against lowering prescription drug costs by an average of $1,920 per family of four.

Turner either doesn’t think his constituents will notice his consistent votes to rip away their health care, or he just doesn’t care.

Either way, Turner will be forced to defend an indefensible health care record while Desiree Tims is focused on protecting coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, lowering prescription drug costs for families, and building on the Affordable Care Act so that every American has access to quality, affordable health care.

Turner is a lackey for Washington republicans

Throughout his tenure, Turner has made sure to do everything in his power to support the Washington Republican agenda. That means from voting to gut health care to his support for the biggest corporate tax cut in history, Turner is always a reliable yes vote for the Washington Swamp.

In fact, his blind support for the Washington establishment extended so far that just weeks ago, Turner joined GOP leaders donating to racist Republican candidate Todd McMurtry in Kentucky. After it was discovered, Turner was forced to apologize for his appalling support. Yet even then his heartfelt apology consisted of replying “ditto” to a tweet by Liz Cheney. In this case, either Turner didn’t initially care that he’d donated to a racist or was such a blind follower to his party elite that it didn’t occur to him to actually think through a decision. Regardless of which was correct, the result is the same: he’s not fit to represent OH-10.

Now you might ask yourself, why does Turner follow along with the establishment so blindly? Perhaps it has something to do with the nearly half a million dollars he’s received from GOP PACs throughout his career.

Where Mike Turner has been bought and paid for by the Washington swamp, Desiree is running for Congress to serve as a representative for the people of Ohio’s tenth congressional district. In office, she will restore the type of leadership Ohioans deserve and have been denied for too long.


Mike Turner is in for a serious challenge. Desiree Tims is a qualified leader with deep ties to the district. Her working-class roots, ties to Dayton, and her experience working for leaders like Senator Sherrod Brown will appeal to voters across the political spectrum, while providing a strong contrast to Turner’s decades serving only the GOP establishment in Washington.

This urban-suburban congressional seat has trended blue in recent years and Senator Sherrod Brown increased his win margin in this district to 52% in his 2018 re-election.

And while Desiree will draw on her background to advocate for change and real development in Ohio, Turner will have to answer for over 16 years of the same brand of politics voters across the country have grown tired of.

Desiree also has a record of creatively reaching voters, such as her appearance in her cousin YelloPain’s viral video about the importance of voting.

With her connections to the district and her deep experience, Desiree is setting up a real challenge against Turner. This race is one to watch.

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