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The Case Against Dale Crafts

“A Marine veteran dedicated to serving our country, Jared Golden doesn’t care about the partisan labels that consume so much of Washington. Working across the aisle, Jared puts Maine first: working to help small businesses, fighting to give veterans better access to mental health services, and advocating for Maine’s lobstermen. His independence and commitment to his district present a sharp contrast to his opponent’s history of party loyalty in Maine politics.” – DCCC Chairwoman Cheri Bustos

To: Interested Parties
From: Sarah Guggenheimer, DCCC Regional Press Secretary
Date: July 21, 2020
Subject: The Case Against Dale Crafts

Last week’s GOP primary results in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District set up a clear choice between an independent voice for Maine in Marine veteran & Congressman Jared Golden and party loyalist Dale Crafts.

A career partisan, Dale Crafts spent his entire political career doing whatever party leaders told him to do and his primary campaign demonstrates that nothing has changed. From his union busting anti-worker agenda to a blanket ban on abortion without exceptions and opposition to marriage equality, Crafts pushes an ideology that wants a government too weak to defy big corporate powers, but hypocritically places it squarely in control of your personal decisions. Rather than doing what’s best for his constituents, Crafts has pledged his loyalty to party leaders, making him exactly the wrong person to represent this independent district.

After serving his country in Iraq and Afghanistan, Golden represented Lewiston in the Maine State Legislature before running for Congress, where he works every day to deliver solutions for Mainers who have long been overlooked and forgotten. He’s worked across the aisle to introduce legislation to help small businesses during the economically devastating global pandemic, worked to improve access to health care for veterans in his district, and supported lobstermen and workers at Bath Iron Works, all while being constantly accessible to his constituents.

Congressman Golden’s independent record, authenticity, and commitment to service will carry him far with Maine voters.

Just as he did in 2018, Golden has consolidated and maintained support from a broad spectrum of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents across his district and is raising the resources to win reelection. Well-liked in the district and personifying Maine values, Congressman Golden is in an excellent position to hold this unique seat.


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In Washington last month, Golden voted for the $2 trillion coronavirus emergency aid package passed by Congress and signed by President Trump, but Golden is now proposing appropriating $350 billion more in small business aid, which would amount to $700 billion for the program.

“I think Congress should set aside some of the money — dedicated for rural communities — so we make sure the money is not just flowing to population centers,” Golden said.

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Bangor Daily News Editorial: We wish [Craft’s] policy proposals were more detailed and didn’t read like Republican talking points, especially when it comes to the federal budget and government regulations. We also disagree with his ultra-conservative stand on many social issues, such as abortion and marriage, which are out of line with the views of moderate Republicans.” [Bangor Daily News Editorial, 6/29/20]

Dale Crafts: Out of Touch With an Independent District 


Throughout his time in the State Legislature, Crafts did as he was told even when it put his constituents’ health care at risk. He proved a reliable vote to hike costs and gut coverage for families in Maine, revealing Crafts as rigidly aligned with the very same corporate-funded politicians who’ve spent years in Washington working to do the same.

Despite health care consistently ranking as one of the most important for voters, Crafts vehemently opposed Medicaid expansion, which extended health care to as many as 70,000 Mainers and called it a “welfare program” even though Medicaid covers important services for our seniors such as long term care.

Crafts also supported carving out exemptions for organizations from state insurance regulations, even though this policy would leave Mainers “vulnerable to unethical administrative behaviors and potentially devastating gaps in coverage.”

And just this year, Crafts followed the Trump Administration’s marching orders and doubled down on his opposition to lowering health care costs when he said he doesn’t support the Affordable Care Act – even though repeal would take away insurance from 98,000 Mainers.

Golden has always been a steadfast advocate for Mainers’ access to quality affordable health care. That’s why he voted to defend coverage for pre-existing conditions in the face of GOP attacks and that’s why he worked to lower prescription drug costs for his constituents and hold Big Pharma accountable.

That’s the kind of leadership Mainers deserve.


Crafts has a long and well-documented record of voting against workers’ rights, a dangerous platform he’d bring to Congress.

In the state legislature, Crafts took an active role in the efforts to limit the power of workers, co-sponsoring Right to Work legislation. This support comes even though this bill would “crush Maine unions,” per Maine leaders.

Congressman Jared Golden ran for Congress promising to work for the people of Maine and he’s done exactly that: speaking up for the workers who have been left behind thanks to policies like Crafts. And as one of the most bipartisan members of Congress, Golden will always work hard on behalf of Maine’s working, middle class.


Families and small businesses across Maine are struggling with the economic impact of the global pandemic while the Trump Administration continues its assault on the Affordable Care Act. Even so, Dale Crafts continues to support the Republican’s tax bill.

Yet this support becomes even more egregious looking at Crafts’ plan to pay for it. Because how does he plan to address the $2 trillion that will be added to the national debt over the next decade? By cutting the military budget because soldiers “don’t need another pair of boots.”

Marine veteran Jared Golden prizes his constituents and our troops above all else and would never let soldiers go without the supplies they need to fund billionaire tax cuts. And Congressman Golden has a track record of working with Republicans to protect small businesses, work hard for Maine fishermen and lobstermen, and improve services for American veterans, servicemembers, and their families.


Jared Golden’s background, priorities, authenticity, independence, accessibility, and commitment to the people of his district have powered him to across-the-board popularity – drawing wide support from Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike. In this largely rural and independent district, Congressman Golden’s sleeves rolled up work ethic and bipartisanship are a match for his constituents.

Congressman Golden has also amassed a massive financial advantage over Crafts, who’s struggled to raise money. Despite claiming his advantage lies in being a successful, fiscally-responsible businessman, Crafts is entering the general election with a brutal cash on hand of $32,000, while Congressman Golden, who has rejected corporate PAC money, enters the general election with more than $2.1 million in his campaign war chest, a jaw-dropping 68 to 1 cash on hand advantage.

Jared Golden toppled an entrenched Republican incumbent in 2018. Now, with strong grassroots support, a sterling in-district independent brand and a robust campaign war chest, Golden is well-positioned to keep putting Maine first for years to come.


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