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The Case Against Mia Love

“Ben McAdams secured the nomination with incredible momentum heading into the general election,” said DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Luján. “A seventh generation Utahn, Ben has a clear track record of bringing Republicans, Democrats, and Independents together to improve public schools, build a 21st century economy, and tackle homelessness.  Ben is already providing a clear contrast with his opponent as he focuses on the critical issues facing Utah and is in a great position to win this race in November.”

 To: Interested Parties

From: Drew Godinich, DCCC Regional Press Secretary

Date: April 30, 2018

RE: The Case Against Mia Love

The race between Congresswoman Mia Love and Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams is a contest between Washington, D.C.-style politics and Utah commonsense, bipartisan results.

Since her election in 2014, Mia Love has chosen to side again and again with powerful Washington interests, even at the expense of Utah families. With health insurance premiums skyrocketing, the federal debt exploding, and costs continuing to rise for middle-class families, Mia Love has consistently chosen her party over Utah, voting with President Trump 96% of the time.

 Back in Utah, Ben McAdams has been working to find commonsense, bipartisan solutions to our problems. As Mayor, he has brought Republicans, Independents, and Democrats together to combat homelessness, work with small business owners to create good-paying middle-class jobs, and improve education. And unlike Washington, Ben did it while balancing the budget.

As the Deseret News put it, “He has demonstrated a willingness to work with anyone of any party in order to do the county’s business… an attitude that is largely absent in national politics.” With his track record as a results-driven problem solver, Ben is ready to take on this fight and hold Mia Love accountable for a Republican-controlled Washington that is deeply out of touch and out of control, and put her on a non-taxpayer funded flight back home.


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 Mia Love’s Gone Washington, Left Utahns Behind

Despite cultivating an image as an independent voice for Utah, Mia Love has sided with Donald Trump 96% of the time and the Republican Party 98% of the time.

She promised that her top priority was getting the federal deficit under control, until it came time to vote for a bill slated to increase the deficit by $1.5 trillion. Due to that same vote, Utah could now be forced to make up the difference by increasing state taxes to the tune of $150 million. This behavior is no different than her local government career when she increased spending by 50% and jacked up tax rates. Only now, Love voted for the Washington Republican Tax Scam that gives 83% of its benefits to the wealthiest 1% of Americans and increases incentives for companies to move jobs overseas — all while millions of middle class families pay more over time.

Moreover, Washington insider Mia Love can’t keep her story straight, telling one thing to voters in front of the cameras, and another when she thinks no one is listening.

Consistently Embroiled in Ethics Violations, Abusing Taxpayers’ Trust

Mia Love is consistently embroiled in ethics investigations regarding taxpayer dollars and self-promotion. She already has a long and storied history of charging taxpayers for illicit flights and then repeatedly lying about it. Love was also accused twice of improperly mixing official and campaign activities, potentially breaking Utah state law and/or House Ethics rules. This pattern of behavior has continued, with Love allegedly taking illegal campaign contributions while actively trying to hide them and potentially violating federal law by ripping off taxpayers to save money on political communications.

Allowed Healthcare Premiums to Skyrocket in Utah, Jeopardize Constituents’ Health Care

Mia Love repeatedly voted to increase health care premiums – which are expected to increase by nearly 19% in Utah – in addition to gutting pre-existing condition protections and jeopardizing health insurance for 55,300 people in her district. Additionally, she voted to  impose an age tax on seniors and did nothing to lower the price of prescription drugs.

Utah was even the victim of “paralysis in DC” regarding children’s health insurance – Utah was the first state forced to freeze CHIP enrollment because Mia Love and Washington politicians were too busy trying to repeal the ACA.

Now, Mia Love and Washington politicians have their sights set on slashing Social Security and Medicare.


Utah’s Fourth Congressional District is a moderate district that rewards moderate leaders. Mia Love’s record in Washington is out of step with the values of the voters in this seat, putting her party before her constituents time and again.

Ben McAdams is well-positioned to take on Congresswoman Mia Love. As Mayor of Salt Lake County, Ben has forged an independent profile and reputation for working across party lines to achieve real results, insulating him from the tired and stale ‘too liberal’ attacks from the Love campaign. As Mayor, he already represents 85% of the CD4 constituents. In his first run mayoral run in 2012, Ben won with 53% of the vote even as Mitt Romney took the county with 58%. And now, in less than six months as a congressional candidate, Ben has already raised over a million dollars and nearly closed the gap with Love in cash on hand.

A whopping 68% of likely voters disapprove of Donald Trump in the district, despite the district leaning 13 points more Republican than the national average. Love’s record of voting with Trump 96% of the time is a liability in this seat, and Trump’s weak showing in the district in 2016, with 22% of the vote going to independent candidate Evan McMullin.

According to recent polling, this race is statistically tied. As suburban voters across the country have drifted away from Donald Trump and his party, this 60% suburban district is also bound to be affected. Ben’s moderate record will appeal to crucial independent voters and Republicans turned off by what they’re hearing out of Washington. The combination of a strong, independent candidate in Ben McAdams with Mia Love’s record puts this race into play, and Democrats are well-positioned to win this seat this November.

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