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The Case Against Michael Waltz

“Nancy Soderberg has worked her entire career to keep Americans safe, from sounding the early alarms on the threat of Osama Bin Laden, to creating a peaceful resolution to a bloody conflict in Northern Ireland. Beyond her work keeping Americans safe, Nancy has spent over a decade preparing and teaching the next generation of young Florida leaders, our most valuable asset. Nancy knows what we need to do to keep Florida families safe, and I know she will be a staunch defender of affordable health care and the Medicare and Social Security Floridians have earned,” said DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Luján.



To: Interested Parties

From: Cole Leiter, DCCC Regional Press Secretary

Date: August 28th, 2018

RE: The Case Against Michael Waltz



There are politicians you can’t trust and then there are people running to be politicians whom you can’t trust before they’ve even stepped into elected office. Michael Waltz falls right within that second camp.


Michael Waltz simply cannot be trusted with the needs of working people living in central Florida. He supports his party’s plan to torpedo our nation’s health care system without a clue as to how he would protect people with pre-existing conditions and bring down healthcare costs. The tax bill he supports would create a $1.9 trillion dollar hole in the deficit. And in an attempt to that that hole he has already shown an eagerness to target Medicare and Social Security.


In sharp contrast to Waltz’s lack of credibility on the issues that matter most for this community, Nancy Soderberg has spent her life fighting for American values, working to keep us safe from the threat of terrorists like Osama Bin Laden, and bringing competing parties together to get things done as a former United Nations Ambassador and Deputy National Security Advisor at the White House. Like she did when working to end the violence in Northern Ireland, in Congress, Nancy will bring people together to get results and make things better for working people and middle-class families in Central Florida. Unlike her opponent, Nancy will oppose efforts to cut Medicare and Social Security, fight to protect people with pre-existing conditions, and take on the drug companies to lower prescription drug costs.




HEADLINE: “Nancy Soderberg tops fundraising in District 6 congressional race” [Orlando Sentinel, 7/17/18]


“Waltz said Republicans ‘have to go after entitlements,’ which he said are 70 percent of the budget.” [Daytona News Journal, 8/1/2018]


Sunshine State News: “Democrats Start Running Serious Candidates in Traditionally Red Congressional Seats” [Sunshine State News, 2/20/18]


“Democrat Nancy Soderberg, powered by a campaign that launched early and has demonstrated wider reach than her opponents, leads the field of six Florida Congressional District 6 candidates. […] Her second-quarter haul topped $543,000 following the June 30 deadline for reporting. Also, her $982,000 in cash-on-hand gives her a 2-to-1 advantage over her closest competitor. Her campaign notes that the majority of her 4,500 contributions are $100 or lower.” [St. Augustine Record, 7/22/18]

“It’s clear to us, however, that Nancy Soderberg is the most qualified. She has impressive foreign-policy chops from serving on former President Clinton’s National Security Council. Combined with a common-sense outlook, and a firm grasp of the issues, she would be a strong candidate for her party.” [Orlando Sentinel, 8/23/2018]


Michael Waltz: Can’t Be Trusted


A New Politician In The Same Washington Swamp


Michael Waltz doesn’t even need to be elected to support the same old Washington swamp: he’s already proudly on the record supporting Washington Republicans’ $1.9 trillion deficit busting tax plan. That tax bill doesn’t just blow a sizable hole in the deficit, in doing so the that tax bill is a giant giveaway to the finance industry – who have been bankrolling Waltz’s campaign to the tune of almost $30,000. That tax bill is also generous to the oil and gas industry- who’ve spent thousands bankrolling Waltz’s campaign. Without taking a single vote in Congress, Waltz has shown exactly where his loyalties lie: with the special interests who have backed him from day one.


Fiscally CONservativeVENIENT


Florida seniors have spent a lifetime working and paying into Medicare and Social Security, but Michael Waltz, just like Washington Republicans, is willing to undermine their retirement security in order to write a trillion dollar tax handout to big corporations, companies who send jobs offshore, and the pharmaceutical industry. And, while some politicians wait until after they are elected to start turning their backs on the communities they are supposed to represent, Waltz got on a debate stage and promised to go “after entitlement reform” in the same debate that he said he would vote for Washington’s deficit inflating tax bill. Central Florida seniors deserve a representative who’ll stand up for them, not someone who’ll support corporate handouts that blow a $1.9 trillion hole in the deficit and then jeopardize hardworking Floridians’ retirement to pay for it. Seniors can count on Nancy Soderberg to stand up for them.


Repeal and Never Replace your Health Care


Michael Waltz is in lockstep with Washington when it comes to undermining Americans’ ability to afford health care. Waltz supports his party’s repeated health care repeal efforts, which will lead to higher costs for families all across the district. As if that wasn’t enough, Waltz’s support for Washington’s healthcare repeal efforts would mean a return to the days of insurance companies being allowed to charge women more than men for the same health care, all while gutting protections for people living with pre-existing conditions.


In stark contrast to Waltz’s support for Washington’s unhealthy agenda, Floridians can count on Nancy Soderberg to stand up for access to affordable health care and protections for people living with pre-existing conditions. As a diabetic, Nancy knows how important those protections are and she won’t let insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry take advantage of her community any longer.


Path To Victory


A strong and well financed Democratic candidate, like Nancy Soderberg, can follow Senator Nelson’s path to victory in this district — consolidating the strong Democratic base in Volusia County, which makes up 69.5% of current districtwide registration, doing well in Flagler County, which makes up 15.3% of current registration, and ensuring that support in Lake County, which makes up 10.3% of current registration, surpasses recent Congressional candidates. 


By establishing her national security credentials and commitment to affordable healthcare,  Democrat Soderberg should win women and voters under 40, two subgroups who are traditionally Democratic supporters while engaging Independents and No Party Affiliation voters. In Florida’s Sixth district, Independents have Democratic vote history and Democrats up and down the ticket should spur turnout and support for Soderberg here.



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