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Chabot’s Flailing Campaign Still Won’t Respond to Federal Inquiry into Shady Finances

Chabot has blown past the Federal Election Commission’s October 1 deadline to fix his mucked-up finances

Back in August, the Federal Election Commission set an October 1 deadline for Congressman Steve Chabot’s campaign to provide answers and take corrective action to fix the dumpster fire that is Steve Chabot’s campaign finance report.

Today, more than a week after the FEC’s deadline, it’s been crickets from Chabot’s campaign. A review of reveals Chabot’s campaign has failed to respond to the Commission’s inquiry.

Now, with longtime Chabot aide Jamie Schwartz still in hiding, the beleaguered congressman has officially pressed the panic button – bringing in hotshot D.C. consultant Corry Bliss to save his skin.

And as Ohio reporters brace for their inboxes to be flooded by Chabot’s new consultant, Chabot’s story still isn’t making any sense. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Chabot is back to pinning blame on Jim Schwartz Sr. – the man who had no idea he was Chabot’s campaign treasurer in the first place.

“Steve Chabot’s Washington rescue mission has begun and the only question is just how much cash he’ll need to grab from PACs and special interests to prop up his campaign-on-life-support,” DCCC spokesperson Avery Jaffe said. “Steve Chabot is ignoring his legal obligation to respond to an FEC inquiry and it shows he isn’t really a Congressman anymore so much as he’s just a cash cow for political consultants.”


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