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Chairman Royce Must Strip Rohrabacher of his Foreign Affairs Committee Leadership Position

“Embattled Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, now apparently a person of interest to the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Russia investigation, has no business chairing the Foreign Affairs Subcommittee that oversees Russia,” said DCCC Spokesman Tyler Law. “Chairman Royce must put aside his party loyalty and strip Rohrabacher of this important chairmanship immediately. Failure to do so will further clarify that Ed Royce is unwilling to put country before party and unserious about the need to stop Russia from meddling in our elections.”

Senate intel may want to speak with Rohrabacher


The Senate intelligence committee is considering calling on Rep. Dana Rohrabacher to talk about his meeting earlier in August with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, two congressional sources told CNN this week.

Senate investigators are pondering how to proceed with Rohrabacher, in part because the California Republican is a member of Congress, the sources said.

Rohrabacher met with Assange earlier this month in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where Assange was granted asylum after Sweden sought to question him in a rape investigation that has since been dropped.

Assange said, according to Rohrabacher, that he was not behind the leak of Democratic National Committee emails last year.

There is no indication that Rohrabacher is being investigated by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. But Rohrabacher does have connection to a person involved in something that has drawn the interest of investigators: the June 2016 meeting that Donald Trump Jr., Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner and then-Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort had with a group of Russians, including lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.

Rohrabacher was not at that Trump Tower meeting, but he was working closely with Veselnitskaya and others to try and repeal the Magnitsky Act, which targets Russians whom the US considers human rights abusers.

“He hasn’t been contacted by the committee, but is happy to talk with them after he talks with President Trump,” Ken Grubbs, a Rohrabacher aide, said Wednesday, of the Senate intelligence committee’s possible interest in speaking with him.

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