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Claudia Tenney Attacks Kim Myers as “More of a Housewife For All of These Years”

Tenney is getting so desperate that she is now attacking her opponent, small business owner and community leader Kim Myers, as “more of a housewife for all of these years.”

At a recent meet and greet in Oneida, Tenney said this about Myers: “So and then there’s this Kim Myers. Her father started Dick’s Sporting Goods and moved to Pennsylvania and she’s really been mostly, her brother ran the business. She really was kind of more of a housewife for all these years. She’s on the Vestal School Board …”

Not only is this inaccurate – Myers grew up working in the family business, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and then went on to start her own small business, a local children’s clothing store – but it’s just another reminder of Tenney’s long record of resorting to personal attacks.

Last year, Tenney called the leader of the Oneina Nation Ray Halbritter “Spray Tan Ray” and claimed he “isn’t Oneida.” The Oneida Nation described her remarks as “hate speech.” In May, she called Halbritter a “race-baiting, tax cheat and schoolyard bully.”

“No-Show Albany politician Claudia Tenney is getting so desperate that she is now trying to attack small business owner and community leader Kim Myers as a ‘housewife,’ as if that is an insult,” said Christie Stephenson at the DCCC. “Instead, it’s an insult to all women, but personal attacks are not new to Claudia Tenney, whether it is racist slurs against the Oneida Nation or demeaning comments about women. Upstate New York deserves better in Congress.” 

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