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Club for Growth Poll: Lara Trump Can Win NY-02 Primary

Trump Family Star Recruited for Open Seat, Adding Fuel to Rumors She’s Next to Run for Office

Lara Trump for Congress? Many people are saying she may be next in the family to run.

Several establishment candidates have hinted that they’re exploring a run in New York’s 2nd Congressional District, signaling that a crowded Republican primary may be in the works. But it looks like the party isn’t satisfied with their options so far, as a prominent conservative group is working to recruit a major candidate from outside the district.

A recent Club for Growth poll shows that Lara Trump, President Trump’s daughter-in-law, is leading the NY-02 Republican primary. Breitbart reports that Lara Trump is polling at 53 percent in the primary, leading her likely opponent by a whopping 30 percent.

The New York Times previously reported that Lara, “who is actively involved in his re-election campaign, is also mentioned as a possible candidate by some close to the family.”

We look forward to seeing it.

“King’s retirement has made Republicans desperate to find a recruit in this district,” said DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett. “If they think putting an out-of-district and out-of-touch candidate up is the answer, we won’t complain.”


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