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Coffman Admits DACA Position is Purely Political

“A vast majority of representatives wouldn’t want to eliminate the DACA program. It would be a high political cost. – Mike Coffman, 8.2.17

In a telling interview with Telemundo yesterday, Rep. Mike Coffman admitted that his position on DACA is motivated by the “high political cost.” DCCC spokesman Javier Gamboa released the following statement in response:

“Rep. Mike Coffman finally admitted what so many of Colorado’s immigrant families already know, Rep. Coffman does what’s best for his own political future, not what’s best for immigrant families in Colorado. President Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda is tearing families apart and they deserve a representative looking out for them, not a slick politician who does whatever it takes to get re-elected. If Rep. Coffman truly cares about the future of the 17,300 DACA recipients in his district, he needs to co-sponsor the American Hope Act and stop putting his political future ahead of what’s right.”


Under the immediate threat of Republicans’ efforts to rip apart DACA and put DREAMers at risk, House Democrats have introduced a comprehensive bill to protect law abiding DACA recipients and immigrant children. The American Hope Act will protect ALL DREAMErs who were brought to the United States under the age of 18 years old through no fault of their own and would allow them to earn permanent legal status and ultimately citizenship. This is something that some Republicans have claimed to support, but to this point they have yet to take sufficient action to set themselves apart from their anti-immigrant party. Unfortunately, Representative Mike Coffman and House Republicans have played political games with comprehensive immigration reform for far too long. The time to act is now for the 17,300 DACA recipients in his district.

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