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Colin Schmitt Continues to Dodge on Abortion

Reproductive freedom may be a top-ranked issue for voters across the country, but Colin Schmitt would rather talk about anything else.

Asked twice about abortion on Fox News yesterday, Schmitt ignored the issue Fox’s own poll said 45% of voters are “extremely” concerned about and pivoted immediately to familiar GOP talking points.

Schmitt’s reluctance to discuss abortion access is understandable, given his record as a fierce opponent of a woman’s right to choose. As an assemblyman, Schmitt voted against codifying basic reproductive freedom, fought against improving access to contraception, and cheered the overturning of Roe v. Wade.  

This comes as newly-inaugurated Representative Pat Ryan made good on his campaign pledge to protect the right to choose by introducing the “Protecting Reproductive Freedom Act.” This bill will will help protect access to reproductive health from Schmitt’s extremist allies, who will stop at nothing to gut access to abortion medication and treatment.

DCCC Spokesperson Ian Clarke
“In a moment where Americans across the country are mobilizing to stand up against the Republican assault on hard-won reproductive freedoms, Colin Schmitt knows his actual views won’t fly with New York voters. Make no mistake – Schmitt is an anti-choice hardliner and plans to govern as one if elected.”


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