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No Comment Comstock: Health insurance marketplace uncertainty edition

It would be one thing if Congresswoman Barbara Comstock was rendered speechless by this week’s news that more Virginians would lose their access to health insurance as a result of massive uncertainty her party created in the health insurance marketplace. But once again, Comstock wasn’t rendered speechless; she just couldn’t be bothered “to respond to requests for comment” and explain to her hometown paper the role she has played in a years’ long project to systematically undermine the Affordable Care Act.

While Comstock had nothing to say for her actions, the Winchester Star reported that Doug Gray, the Executive Director of the Virginia Association of Health Plans was perfectly clear about who shoulders the blame for putting 70,000 Virginians at risk of losing their insurer:

“…he doesn’t mince words when it comes to assigning blame for those uncertainties — placing it squarely on the shoulders of Congress and President Donald Trump. ‘It’s directly a result of their actions,’ Gray said.”

“Attempting to dodge responsibility for the harm she and her party have done to Virginians just trying to afford health insurance coverage is nothing new for Congresswoman Comstock,” said Cole Leiter, DCCC spokesperson. “But just because Barbara Comstock can’t be bothered to take responsibility for her actions doesn’t mean folks in Northern Virginia won’t hold her accountable next November when they repeal and replace her at the ballot box.”

Optima is not the first insurer to leave a marketplace or dramatically increase their rates as a direct result of uncertainty created by Congressional Republicans’ attempts to undermine the Affordable Care Act and President Trump’s threats to take reckless and market destabilizing actions.

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