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After Complaining That His Taxpayer-Funded Salary Isn’t Enough Congressman Southerland Sets Government on Autopilot, Heads for Vacation

One day after doing the bare minimum required to keep the U.S. government running, while continuing to stonewall any progress to support the middle class, Congressman Steve Southerland is now heading for vacation. Yesterday, Congressman Southerland patted himself on the back for narrowly avoiding another one of his disastrous government shutdowns, and now apparently he believes his work is done, and is heading home.

Previously, Congressman Southerland complained that his taxpayer funded $174,000 salary is not enough, and defended the use his taxpayer funded gym during his shutdown.

“First Congressman Steve Southerland complains that his $174,000 taxpayer-funded salary is not enough – and now he’s going back on vacation after doing the bare minimum to keep the lights on,” said David Bergstein of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Whether he’s shutting down the government, defending his taxpayer-funded perks or abandoning town, Congressman Southerland keeps proving that his self-interested Washington Way is totally out of touch with North Florida’s values.”


Washington Post: “The 113th Congress Will Be The Least Productive In History.” “At the moment, according to the Federal Register, there have only been 23 public laws enacted in the second session of the 113th Congress — a number that virtually ensures that this Congress will pass the fewest number of laws of any in history… No matter which way you see it, it’s clear that the 113th Congress will be the least productive in history.” [Washington Post, 4/10/14]

Congressman Southerland Said His $174,000 Congressional Salary Was “Not So Much.” “During a town hall meeting in Florida on Wednesday, when asked about his pay, the congressman told his constituents that his yearly salary of $174,000 was ‘not so much’…” [Huffington Post, 8/26/11]

After Shutting Down Government, Congressman Southerland Defends Keeping Taxpayer Subsidized Gym Open. “The government shutdown has stopped critical services for countless Americans. But fortunately for members of the House of Representatives – the men and women who helped cause the shutdown – access continues to their taxpayer-subsidized Capitol Hill gym… Speaking to CNN Wednesday morning, Republican Rep. Steve Southerland of Florida said that ‘for people to raise issues over the gym is somewhat petty,’ although Southerland said he does not have a gym membership.” [CNN, 10/09/13]

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