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Congrats, Congressman Scott Taylor, You Played Yourself

Rep. Scott Taylor played himself.

We know Scott Taylor’s campaign staff collected petition signatures in an attempt to get a third party, former Democrat candidate on the ballot and boost his chances in November.

We know that many of those petition signatures were forgeries and included deceased people.

We know that a special prosecutor was appointed to launch a criminal investigation into Taylor’s campaign.

We know Taylor was aware of the effort, and that he was involved enough to call a constituent who found a forgery in an attempt to intimidate her, even saying he sent someone by her house to verify who she was.

Now we know that it was all for nothing. Citing “instances of forgery” and “out and out fraud” in petitions submitted by Taylor’s staff, a judge took the independent (former Democrat) candidate off the ballot.

And here is something else we learned today: “Six people connected to the Taylor campaign signed affidavits indicating they would plead the fifth if asked, ‘did Scott Taylor personally direct you to collect signatures.’”

“Congressman Taylor is now engulfed in a massive legal scandal that has him under investigation and hiding from reporters in his office, and for all that trouble, he will still face Navy Commander Elaine Luria one on one. With a judge confirming allegations of petition forgery and his own staff pleading the fifth to avoid answering whether he directed their actions, all eyes turn to Scott Taylor.” – DCCC Spokesperson Jacob Peters

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