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Congressman Hagedorn Doubles Down on Opposition to Retirement Security for Working Minnesotans

Yesterday, Congressman Jim Hagedorn doubled down on his vote against securing the pensions of 22,000 retired Teamsters union members in Minnesota. Despite claiming that he had concern for retired workers’ “plight,” Hagedorn refused to support the solution that would actually help working Minnesotans. Instead he sided with his wealthy special interest donors instead of the millions of Americans currently at risk of losing the retirement benefits they have worked so hard to earn.

This comes after Hagedorn, once again, sided against an overwhelming, bipartisan House majority last month that passed The Butch Lewis Act, a bill to help stabilize multiemployer pension plans ahead of the looming solvency crisis keeping thousands of Minnesota workers and retirees awake at night.

“Congressman Hagedorn has proven again and again that he does not have the backs of working people,” said DCCC spokesperson Brooke Goren. “Minnesota workers and retirees need a fighter in Washington to ensure they are paid the pension benefits they worked so hard to earn and Congressman Hagedorn has left them out to dry.”

According to AARP, the legislation Hagedorn voted against impacts about 130 pension plans that are in immediate danger of insolvency and cover millions of Americans in industries such as construction, retail, manufacturing, transportation, and mining.


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