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Conspiracy Theorist Candidate Jarome Bell Closes in on Jen Kiggans in VA-02 After Trump Lays Down Big Lie Litmus Test

VA-02’s messy Republican primary tightens as conspiracy theorist candidate Jarome Bell tails Jen Kiggans’ paltry fundraising and they race to the far right

The far-right face-off in the Republican primary in VA-02 is heating up as Jen Kiggans posted embarrassingly low fundraising numbers this quarter, bringing in less than $125K and raising questions about whether she’s planning to drop out of the race. To make matters worse, Kiggans’ weak numbers were nearly outpaced by her conspiracy theorist competitor Jarome Bell.

And don’t expect this primary to get less bruising anytime soon. Just this week Trump laid down the marker for his party: keep spreading lies about the 2020 election or lose his voters, and promised that litigating the results of the election will be “the single most important thing” for Republican candidates.

That’s certainly true for Bell and Kiggans, who have been working overtime to prove their extremist credentials that the election was stolen. Just last month, Bell made an unhinged call to “audit all 50 states” and arrest, try, convict, and execute Americans based on the baseless lie that the 2020 election was stolen. And Kiggans still won’t say whether Biden won the 2020 election — instead she has tried to “deflect the question” and said it was “right to question the electoral process.”

“Jarome Bell and Jen Kiggans’ race to the far right proves that their number one priority is cozying up to extremist party leaders even when it’s out of touch with Virginia families,” said DCCC spokesperson Elena Kuhn. “Coastal Virginians deserve principled leaders who will always stand up for their values, not extremists who will spread baseless lies about the election and threaten our democracy.”


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